About us


Bed is easily one of my favourite places to be and given that most of us spend about one third of our lives in bed it's got to look, and especially, feel great.  

“One and hundred and One Linen” was born from a desire to make my own bed as luxurious and yummy as possible without spending a fortune on it. 

Our pure French linen is made from the environmentally friendly and extremely versatile flax plant.

We took our name from it's growing cycle which is short and sweet with one hundred days from sewing to harvest and just one glorious day in bloom.

Our flax is grown in France in near perfect conditions where it has been growing for hundreds of years. Our manufacturing partners then make that flax in to linen fabric which is 165 gsm  - the optimum weight for our Australian climate.

Once our linens are made up they are washed in a huge machine with pumice stones to give the perfect relaxed look and feel. Our linen drapes beautifully and feels divine against your skin from the day you buy it and only gets better with use and age.

Being a natural fibre linen has great absorbing and thermo regulating qualities which means your bedding helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. 

This initial collection has been designed to mix and match with 10 colours all complementing each other in neutrals, pastels and a few muted brights.  

One hundred and One Linen is a little bit of luxury you can indulge in every day.

I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

Sophie x